Historic Tours of Scotland

Visit our famous castles, monuments, Neolithic villages and iconic battlefields. We offer guided chauffeur tours as well as self drive options.

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    Discover Scotland’s History

    Visit castles, monuments, Neolithic villages and battlefields; discover a more knowledgeable experience with an expert guide specially selected by Lang Atholl to lead you on your voyage through history and heritage. Scotland has a vast and complex history from the Caledonians and the Picts (who defeated the roman advance) to William Wallace and the battles of independence. Scotland’s history dates back thousands of years and lies imbedded in the Scottish landscape even to this day. Uncover the history and heritage of this ancient nation from the locations where the events transpired.

    If you have a desire to trace your own roots and discover the history of your family speak with us about our Heritage Package where we will recommend iconic and historically important locations about your family. Visit the grounds of the clans of old, visit your family seat or sample the whisky influenced by your ancestors with your Lang Atholl historic experience you can immerse yourself in the past.