There are few things better than time spent in the great outdoors and with Lang Atholl we give you exciting ways to spend that time.

Scotland has a lot to offer that it is not always given credit for and our job is to uncover the hidden gems so that you can reap the rewards.

We can allow you to walk in the footsteps of royalty of centuries past, hunting in the grounds of ancient castles and estate houses. Take you water skiing in the water off those bonnie bonnie banks or even give you the opportunity to go sky diving so you can take more views than you ever thought you could.

For those who prefer to enjoy experiences on water over experiences on land we also have certain additions to packages which can encorporate this. From luxury cruises on the many rivers and lochs of Scotland to unique fishing experiences where you can reel in the fruits of our productive waters before enjoying the fruits of your labour cooked for you on the beaches of the water they have come from

Our outdoor adventure packages are perfect for team building or even just to get your blood pumping that little bit faster.